Running Essentials

The following items are my favorites for running and cross-training:

Garmin Forerunner 405
This watch is the be-all, end-all of GPS watches. It's easy to use, has a touch bezel with customizable sensitivity, and pace, time and distance are visible all on one screen so I don't have to fumble with it on early morning/late evening runs or when I'm feeling the slightest bit delirious.

This ultra-low calorie, high in flavor electrolyte drink is wonderful when you need something other than water or a sugary electrolyte drink for replenishment. My favorite flavors are Lemon+Lime, Kona Cola and Lemon Tea.

Energy Gels
GU and Clif Shots are my favorites. I tried other brands and just didn't like their consistency or flavor offerings. During the early phases of training for my first marathon, I tried Clif Shot Bloks but found that I had a hard time chewing while running so I switched to gels.

Amphipod RunLite Hydration Belt
When it's hot or I've got a long run, I wear this belt with two to four 8oz bottles filled with Gatorade and Nuun. I like the large zippered pouch because it holds my iPhone and car keys and has four loops to hold my gels. I love how all the components and pouches can be slid on/off the belt so easily plus the velcro makes it comfortable and easy to adjust on a run.

Beats Headphones and iPod Shuffle
I ran with music during my first marathon and four half marathons and then felt it was losing its effect on me. I've been running music-free on my outdoor runs for a few months and I love it! I absorbed all the wonderful sounds and cheers during the SF Marathon and now I only use music when I'm on the treadmill. The Beats have bass and clarity like no other while the shuffle is nice and light so I can clip it on my waste band or up on my tank top strap.

Nike Vomeros and Newton Running Shoes
I've owned every generation of Nike Vomeros (sometimes multiple pairs of the same version) and LOVE how cushioned they are. I'm a neutral runner and I prefer cushion and my knees love me for it.

I recently picked up a pair of Newton Gravitas=Gravity neutral trainers and I'm loving them too! I read alot of positive reviews about Newtons and they were spot on. They're light, flexible and highly breathable.

Multi-Vitamins, Krill Oil and Glucasomine
I take a multi-vitamin daily to keep my immune system in check and Krill Oil and Glucosamine for joint health. The Krill Oil seems to ease some muscle soreness and alleviates menstrual cramps.

Lush Fair Trade Foot Lotion
Although this lotion is labeled for use on feet, I've found that it works great on my tired legs! I slather it on my legs every night before bed and feel muscle relief by morning. The peppermint scent is so soothing.

Feetures Ultra Lite Socks
My feet sweat like mad on runs longer than 5 miles and I've tried all different types and have a drawer full of them to prove it. My feet seem to like Feetures the most.

Nike and New Balance
I like to pretend that I'm sponsored by Nike because I seem to gravitate toward their running clothes the most but New Balance makes my favorite shorts ever.

The Stick and Foam Roller
These are necessary torture devices for injury prevention. A tennis ball works wonders for a sore piriformis.

Excel Spreadsheet
I plan all my training runs and races months in advance and also keep track of fueling, how I felt during the run, what I ate before a race, etc.

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